THE BEST Candidate for Norfolk City council, superward 7

As YOUR councilwoman for Superward 7, I believe that neighborhoods and the residents who occupy them are what make Norfolk the best place in the Commonwealth of VA to live.   I will continue to work to improve neighborhood quality by

•ensuring all our neighborhoods receive needed funding for special projects and neighborhood interests.   
•establishing comprehensive internet service & WiFi access for all of our residents.
•establishing a housing trust fund.

As YOUR councilwoman for Superward 7, public safety and trust between the police and residents are very important to me.  I will continue to advocate for

•transparency with the Norfolk Police Department.
•funding for continued training for our officers.
•continued fair, impartial and unbiased policing as well as police community involvement in our fragile neighborhoods.
•a more diversified police department.

As YOUR councilwoman for Superward 7, I believe quality public education is the foundation of our community.  We do not get a “do-over” with our children as they are our greatest asset.  I will continue to advocate for education and schools by

•fully funding our Norfolk Public School budget based on priorities set in partnership with the school board and superintendent.
•a New Career & Technical School.

As YOUR councilwoman for Superward 7, diversifying our economy and bringing good jobs to our city is a priority for me.  I will work hard to ensure that our city continues to focus on economic development and jobs by

•growing small, minority and women owned businesses within the city.
•working to attract larger companies that will bring jobs to the residents of Norfolk. 
•developing a Minority Business Council.
•increasing opportunities for minorities to do business with the City of Norfolk.
•diversifying our city’s economy by common sense economic development efforts across the ENTIRE city NOT just downtown.

As YOUR councilwoman for Superward 7, I will continue advocate for our seniors, our city employees and our retirees.

As YOUR councilwoman for Superward 7, I have been and will continue to be accessible to the people I represent.

Throughout this campaign, I am asking for your support and on May 3, 2016, I am asking for your vote.  Put my dedication, knowledge and experience to work for YOU!

  • Neighborhood Quality 
  • Public Safety & Police Diversity
  • Education & Schools
  • Economic Development & Jobs​
  • Seniors, City Employees & Retirees

The future of Norfolk has never been brighter.  I am proud of the work I have accomplished by being a member of City Council.  My colleagues and I still have work to do.  The citizens of Superward 7 need a councilwoman with a track record of engagement, listening and taking action on their behalf.  Experience matters more than ever in this election.  I envision a city where neighborhoods are thriving and safe, children are getting a quality education and citizens have the opportunity to support themselves and their families with good, quality jobs; a city where at every point (north, south, east or west) citizens are contributing in their own unique way and are a part of the fiber that holds us all together.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you over the last six (6) years.  I am asking for your vote on May 3, 2016 that will allow me to serve you another four (4).

Yours in Service,


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Angelia Williams Graves


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